Behrends Group and the Edmonton Public School Board

Behrends Group has a long-standing relationship with the Edmonton Public School Board. In fact, the original founder of the Behrends foundry, John Behrends, got our first contract with them to replace all names on classroom doors in 1951! Every single name plate for every teacher in EPSB was then created by Behrends Group and since that time, our relationship has only continued and deepened.

As we celebrate our 65th year with EPSB, we recognize the valuable contribution they make to children and families in the capital region. Alberta school boards help shape the future of local communities by governing the education of young people, thereby shaping the coming generations. We are proud to do our part by providing directional and identification signage, and wayfinding strategies for schools that come under EPSB’s purview.

The scope of EPSB operations is enormous as they are responsible for 202 schools in Edmonton alone. Thousands of children pass through their buildings, finding classrooms and offices in which their educational futures will be forged. We make these experiences seamless and easy for students, staff and visitors to these valuable institutions.

The signage in a school helps reflect the values of that school, its branding and its vision for the future of the community it serves. Together, there needs to be cohesion through the school district and, in both instances, this is largely achieved through signage. Every school has its own individual style and culture, but together they form a comprehensive unit by communicating with a similar visual culture. If children or staff bounce around between schools, they know that they are getting the same quality education provided and overseen by EPSB because of a cohesive brand culture communicated through the learning environment.

The best kinds of wayfinding and branded signage strategies appear effortless. That being said, Behrends Group’s role has also expanded through the years to include the design and creation of school crests, welcome signs and plaques to commemorate alumni, donors or other patrons of particular institutions. As a result, we not only help people move through and use these spaces but also build the culture of the spaces they inhabit.

Behrends Group has had a relationship with EPSB almost as long as the existence of our company itself. This consistent and timeless interaction means that we have perfected the art of public education’s visual language, building EPSB environmental culture from the ground up. Whichever educational space you enter, the Behrends Group stamp is impossible to miss. Our expertise and consistently quality output has had a lasting effect on EPSB and will continue for many decades to come.

Londonschool1 IMG_1457 Elmwood Public School Sign Updating - Edmonton Public Schools - WO 152606 (3)