Behrends Environmental Advocacy

raw_casting sign

In the foundry industry there is a lot of rhetoric and jargon that gets passed around, particularly concerning sustainability. Often companies are using inaccurate terminology to describe manufacturing processes as more ‘green’ than they actually are.  Certain manufacturers and fabricators will label products as “eco-friendly” and yet end up using materials that are less than environmentally conscious. One example is … Read More

Memorial Planning With Urn Gardens

Vase Plaque

Preparing final arrangements for yourself or for loved ones can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but it can also be an opportunity to make important and powerful decisions relating to family memory and personal legacy. Many people, before looking at all the vast options available for funerary arrangements, are unaware of options for commemorating cremations and are pleasantly surprised … Read More

Trust Us with the Memory of Your Loved Ones: Memorial Signs

Senger_cropped plaque

There have always been burial rituals associated with the transition from this life to the next. Burial markers or memorial signage have always been a major part of these rituals, helping to satisfy our grief and remember those who have left us. Human beings have built various structures for burial from mounds of earth or rock to honeycomb-shaped tombs carved … Read More