The Total Language of a Sign

The total language of a sign – not only what it communicates but how it communicates – must be considered for signage to be maximally effective. There are multiple components which make up the total language of a sign and must be considered by designers and manufacturers to properly execute a spatial vision for their clients. Before we consider what … Read More

Parks Canada Historic Plaque

Behrends has been working closely with Parks Canada for many years in providing commemorative and historical plaques. Click on the link below to see the write up from Sign Media Canada on one of the most recent commemorative plaques.

Herb Belcourt Plaque and Park Unveiling

A Lifetime of Leadership and Service: Plaque and park unveiled in honour of Metis businessman and philanthropist Herb Belcourt On May 10, Herb Belcourt Park was unveiled at Sherwood Drive and Oak Street in Sherwood Park. The park is named in honour of local businessman, community leader, and philanthropist Herb Belcourt. Belcourt is a founder of Belcourt Construction, Canative Housing … Read More

Custom Award Plaques & Statues Cultivate an Organization’s Culture

Bronze Award for Client care

Custom award statues and plaques from Behrends Group communicate the sincerity and value of the award through their high quality and unique design. Every organization, whether it is a business, a non-profit group, an athletic team, or a public institution, succeeds because of the individuals it is made of. The best work, commitment, and innovation comes from a team of … Read More

The Versatility of a Plaque

At Behrends Foundry, we have manufactured countless plaques over the years. We have seen the humble plaque be used in innumerable creative ways and have always been impressed by the diversity of options and versatility that it provides. We started our business with plaques and know that there are many application it can be made to serve. The following list … Read More

Behrends and Marvel X-Men: The Plaque that Graced the Silver Screen

If you are a fan of the X-Men franchise of comic books and films, you know that with the release of X-Men:The Apocalypse and Deadpool this year, as well as two more films planned for release in 2017, the interest and love of the series is only increasing. What you might not know is that Behrends Group contributed to the … Read More

4 Things Every Custom Artisan Foundry Needs

At Behrends, the Foundry has been at the heart of our legacy for the past six decades and although we have branched out into very innovative and exciting areas like architectural signage and experiential graphic design, we still stay true to what our artisan foundry has always provided: outstanding custom metal-work that offers unparalleled signage creations. Our signage is known … Read More

Diversity In Plaque Design With Inlaid And Recessed Plaques

Cast Bronze Plaque

There are many diverse uses for plaques. They can be used for memorialization, for commemoration at historical or meaningful sites, to mark the dedication of a space or structure, for recognition and awards, or even for uses as simple as home address signs. On their own or as part of a larger project, plaques are a sophisticated and attractive way … Read More

Interpretive Panels and things to Consider When Designing Your Signage

Cast bronze plaque

What are Interpretive Panels? Panels are ideal for any type of interpretive exhibit where patrons will be in need of guidance as to the purpose of the exhibit or the history relevant to that space.  Interpretive signs are commonly used in museums, galleries, for art work and historical sites to help guests interpret the exhibit by explaining the piece or … Read More

To Patina or not to Patina

Bronze Leaves

A patina is a layer of colour, usually green, that has developed naturally on bronze metals depending on the amount of copper in the alloy. This happens particularly when the metal has been exposed to the air for a significant amount of time so it is often associated with historical landmarks of bronze, ancient sculptures or reliefs, and other pieces … Read More