The Total Language of a Sign

The total language of a sign – not only what it communicates but how it communicates – must be considered for signage to be maximally effective. There are multiple components which make up the total language of a sign and must be considered by designers and manufacturers to properly execute a spatial vision for their clients. Before we consider what … Read More

A Perfect Blend of Artisanal Work and Technology

Client Care Award

A long legacy of experience in artisanal work and techniques is only as good as it is adaptable. These days, being adaptable means incorporating technology in ways that streamline processes and increase quality and efficiency without affecting the craftsmanship of the final product. Behrends Group has a combined experience of at least 205 years in our foundry alone and these … Read More

The Versatility of a Plaque

At Behrends Foundry, we have manufactured countless plaques over the years. We have seen the humble plaque be used in innumerable creative ways and have always been impressed by the diversity of options and versatility that it provides. We started our business with plaques and know that there are many application it can be made to serve. The following list … Read More

Donor Recognition Systems: More Than Just Saying “Thanks”

Donor recognition walls are a growing trend for non-profit, non-governmental and governmental organizations alike. When funding or volunteer labour for a project comes from external donors, particularly in the launching of a project, it has become customary to designate prominent space in offices and facilities as a way to show gratitude. These walls tend to be a stylistic opportunity to … Read More

3D Printing

At Behrends Group, we keep on top of the latest technological innovations to keep our products and processes both cutting-edge and the highest quality. Nowhere has innovation been more key as in the realm of 3D printing and its applications to our custom signage industry. 3D printing is the process of manufacturing solid objects from the creation of a computer-generated … Read More

Behrends and Marvel X-Men: The Plaque that Graced the Silver Screen

If you are a fan of the X-Men franchise of comic books and films, you know that with the release of X-Men:The Apocalypse and Deadpool this year, as well as two more films planned for release in 2017, the interest and love of the series is only increasing. What you might not know is that Behrends Group contributed to the … Read More

Firefighters Have Always Been Alberta’s Heroes

With the devastating wildfires that ripped across the province of Alberta last month, firefighters have reached hero status as they battle the blazes. Small cities like Fort McMurray and High Level faced total evacuation and much property damage has occurred. And yet, if it were not for Alberta firefighters, the With the devastating wildfires that ripped across the province of … Read More