Bronze signage business shows it’s mettle during COVID-19

Content from: Globe Content Studio Published August 17, 2020 Updated September 14, 2020 For almost 70 years, Behrends Group in Edmonton built its success by producing and designing cast bronze, aluminum and brass plaques, signage, works of art, memorials and interpretive displays. That changed in March when COVID-19 brought their operations to a grinding halt. Its foundry and manufacturing facility … Read More

Behrends has Strong Alberta Roots with a Global Reach

Behrends Group of Companies started in Edmonton, Alberta over six decades ago and although we are a locally-owned, family-run business with strong roots in our province, our reach has extended far beyond our municipality, region, and even continent since we started doing business. Behrends Group started in Alberta because this province has always been the perfect place to build a … Read More

Designers Working With Designers

At Behrends Group, our design team is made up of talented and experienced individuals who have worked for our company for many years. As such, they know what is possible when it comes to the manufacturing of signage based on particular design visions. This know-how is invaluable when it comes to determining if a design is manufacturable and can be … Read More

Proud Member of the Heart Safe Community

Did you know that joining the Alberta Health Services Heart Safe Community is a simple way for your workplace to help save lives? Behrends Group is one of only 607 registered Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) locations in the City of Edmonton and we encourage other businesses to follow suit. This program encourages survival from sudden cardiac arrest by educating and … Read More

Team Interview: Chris Marshall as Behrends’ Group Lead Estimator

One component of the Behrends Group team that might not seem readily obvious but is monumentally important is the position of the lead estimator. An estimator is responsible for gathering proposals and designs, specifications and all other related documents in order to compute a cost for clients based on labor, material and time requirements to fabricate a project. They pre-emptively … Read More

The Masculine Trade with an Artistic Touch

When people think of the trades, they typically think of skilled work that is male-dominated and usually involves hard labour with one’s hands. Whether it’s working in the oil patch, plumbing or being an electrician, it is only recently that women have started making significant gains in these traditionally masculine fields.  What makes these fields “masculine” is the perception of … Read More

The Value of Professional Sign Expertise

Professional signage is a necessity of architecture. Our built environments need exterior and interior markers to help guide people through them, offer crucial information, reinforce our branding, and establish a precedent of legitimacy in our institutions. Professional signage requires expert methods and experience to effectively translate your vision into reality, and there is no group more fit for the job … Read More

6 Tools We Use to Create Unparalleled Custom Architectural Signage

Architectural signage is a cornerstore of the work that Behrends Group takes pride in. It is an essential part of the signage industry and tends to refer to any custom sign or signage system that helps with identification and navigation. Architectural signage is found in subdivisions, on campuses, and is used in various public and private facilities and can include … Read More

8 Signs You Need a Professional in Architectural Signage

There are many reasons to seek professional expertise in the area of architectural signage. Perhaps it’s as straightforward as simply needing a new store-front sign or address plaque, and wanting to find the very best out there. It’s also possible that high-quality, professional architectural signage could be a solution for a problem you didn’t expect. Here are eight signs that … Read More