Team Interview: Pattern – Maker Orlando Ricioppo

The foundry has been the heart of Behrends Group for decades – it is where we have built our signage legacy and it has given birth to new and innovative areas of the industry all from the same original banner. The foundry is an ecosystem, connecting a tight-knit group of loyal artisans together through the incredible experience of forging lasting … Read More

Best of 2015

Starting us off at 10th place is Corpus Christi Church This project won its position for its gates with bronze caps and for the cast bronze Tabernacle designed in-house. There’s not much to say here so we will let the pictures speak for its self. 9th place went to Villegiroux entrance sign. This cast aluminum plaque was designed by Browning … Read More

Team Interview: Finishing (Steven Schwandt)

Spending a lot of time on the negotiation, design and fabrication of a signage product is only successful if the end-product looks as good as everyone expects it to. As such, finishing becomes an integral part of the signage design and manufacture process and can ultimately change the total look and feel of a particular project. Its importance cannot be … Read More

Team Interview: Professional Installation (Dave Rutter)

In terms of signage, most of the spotlight tends to get shone on the design and fabrication teams of a business like Behrends, with brilliant designers and artisan craftsmen shining brighter than the rest. However, at Behrends, we are a holistic team – this means that every individual is an integral part of our system. When we all work together, … Read More

Behrends on Long Term Business Success

Business longevity is something not often talked about anymore in corporate circles because it seems like every second start-up is gone within a couple of years. So how do businesses like Behrends Group end up sticking around for so long? How do we achieve business longevity? INVEST IN EMPLOYEES AND PUT THEM FIRST The answer is simple and it’s longevity … Read More

Behrends… Am I Even Saying that Right?

Custom signage

Our company has a bit of an unusual name but it carries with it a long history and deeper meaning than one might think at first glance. Its pronunciation can also be a bit of a challenge and with over 60 years in the business, we have heard it all! The correct pronunciation is technically Bɑːrrɛndz or Bear –Ands. Note … Read More

Artisan Products: Setting Your Business Apart and Supporting Your Community

Over time, the signage industry, like many other manufacturing businesses, has become so mechanized and stream-lined that sometimes the human touch is lost in your signage. Cookie cutter signs are a dime-a-dozen and they often reflect the low quality level of craftsmanship and materials that are available on the market today. Investing in companies that emphasize professional craftsmanship and materials … Read More

Behrends Environmental Advocacy

raw_casting sign

In the foundry industry there is a lot of rhetoric and jargon that gets passed around, particularly concerning sustainability. Often companies are using inaccurate terminology to describe manufacturing processes as more ‘green’ than they actually are.  Certain manufacturers and fabricators will label products as “eco-friendly” and yet end up using materials that are less than environmentally conscious. One example is … Read More