Mixed-Medium Custom Subdivision Signage

Subdivisions are growing at an incredibly fast rate and each suburban space is actively cultivating a sense of small community within the large municipal area. One such way this is being done is through carefully executed subdivision signage which “brands” a neighbourhood, sets its boundaries, and establishes a sense of place from the get-go. These are just some of the … Read More

Behrends Group and the Edmonton Public School Board

Behrends Group has a long-standing relationship with the Edmonton Public School Board. In fact, the original founder of the Behrends foundry, John Behrends, got our first contract with them to replace all names on classroom doors in 1951! Every single name plate for every teacher in EPSB was then created by Behrends Group and since that time, our relationship has … Read More

Restaurant Signage: Creating the Perfect Dining Experience

Excellent signage is an indication of excellent taste and there are few places where taste is more important than in restaurants. Restaurant signs tell us a great deal about the establishments in which they are found and go a long way to not only creating atmosphere but a sense of branding as well. Outdoor signs tell your patrons about your … Read More