Employee Barrier Installations

During these uncertain times, Behrends Group of Companies is working with businesses in Alberta and in Canada to help them better protect their employees and customers. If you have any requirements or needs for barriers that separate your employees from their customers, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help. We also have the capabilities … Read More

What Are The Metals Used in Casting?

metal pouring in casting line production

Casting metal is a process in which metal is formed into a specific shape using a mold. This process has been in use for thousands of years in order to create a wide range of items from metal. Depending on the type of object you are trying to cast, or the type of use you want to get from that … Read More

Bronze Grave Markers: We Customize!

Custom cast bronze grave marker

Behrends Group specializes in creating elegant and tasteful bronze grave markers for a number of different grave sites. From bronze veteran grave markers to flat bronze grave markers and headstones, we can cater to any and all tastes and design preferences. We make sure that each piece we make tastefully and respectfully pays homage to the life of your loved … Read More

Interior Directional Signage for Finding the Way

Interior directional signage, sometimes called modular signage, is critical for helping patrons and clients who enter your business or organizational spaces find their way. In fact, directional signage is the most common type of sign in the industry which tells you a lot about how necessary these signs are for facility navigation. When individuals enter your built spaces, they need … Read More

Metal Signage Materials

Metals have been essential to human technology and art for millennia. In sign building and design they are an automatic choice of material for anyone who wants a sign that communicates permanence, individuality, and style. With their diverse characteristics, there is a metal to suite any style and signage solution. Some of the metals our foundry works with include:   … Read More

Address Numbers

Having a dull, worn out address on your home is like wearing old sneakers with a clean suit; it just doesn’t leave a good first impression. Add a little curb appeal to your home with a custom Address Plaque or Address Numbers.  We add elegance, personality and a sense of performance to your home. It’s those little touches that can … Read More

Adding to the Experience of Remembering

Dedication signage is a growing area of the signage industry as more and more organizations place importance on the experience of remembering our shared past. Dedication signage can be oriented around the significance of a specific site, the history of a community, the contributions of an individual to society or can take on the appearance of an outdoor, interpretive museum. … Read More

Custom Metal Letters for Address Signs

Our homes are the centerpieces of our lives and we spend a lot of time, energy and money making sure that we invest quality materials in them so they last as long as possible while remaining stylish and expressive of who we are. As homeowners, we want to ensure that our dollar goes as far as possible but one point … Read More

The Diverse Client Base of Behrends Group

A lot of people think that a foundry and signage consultancy which has the prestige and experience of Behrends Group would likely only work with larger businesses or corporations but that is simply not true! A large volume of clients serviced have typically been individuals seeking out address signs or smaller projects that we have built our business on. We … Read More

Behrends and the Arts Community

Behrends Group has had a long-standing connection to local art communities and as time goes on, this connection only grows stronger. Artisans in our right, we are proud to uplift and commemorate the work of other arts organizations and groups in our municipality. Using our talents in design and craftsmanship make this process all the more rewarding. Our artisan work … Read More