Behrends and Marvel X-Men: The Plaque that Graced the Silver Screen

If you are a fan of the X-Men franchise of comic books and films, you know that with the release of X-Men:The Apocalypse and Deadpool this year, as well as two more films planned for release in 2017, the interest and love of the series is only increasing. What you might not know is that Behrends Group contributed to the … Read More

Freestanding Pylons and Pedestals in Custom Architectural Signage

Entrance Feature sign

Architectural signage is integral to the functioning of public and commercial spaces. Effective signage and signage systems make space knowable, whether by identifying a location or providing wayfinding information for users. The appearance and design of architectural signage also affects the overall appearance and atmosphere of a space, and thus the image of the business or organization located in the … Read More

Enhancing Brand and Image With Custom Signage For Hotels and Condominiums

For a hotel or condominium, features such as exterior entrance signs and lobby signage can be among the most important for creating a first impression and establishing the atmosphere and culture that guests and residents will experience. Signage affects the design and appearance of a space as much as décor and the design of the building itself, and thus it … Read More

Team Interview: Meet our Senior Designer Brent Tatarin

The design of a product is at the heart of what Behrends Group does: beautiful, functional, custom signage that fits both aesthetic tastes and practical needs. Brilliant designers are integrated parts of our holistic system and stand at the forefront of bringing a client’s vision to life. Responsible for taking the message of clients from the consultation stage into real … Read More

The Art of Excellent Typography for Custom Metal Signage

Cast Aluminum letters

What is typography and how can it impact my business? Typography is the art and science of letter and word arrangement which makes a written language easy and appealing to read. The stylistic possibilities when it comes to typographic choices can have a huge impact on your company’s branding or the feel of a sign and the space it inhabits … Read More