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What defines Architectural signage?  Architectural signage is a generally defined term in the sign industry, but for someone from outside the industry looking in, it could have several meanings.

Architectural signage, as the name implies, concerns buildings. These facilities are typically campuses, offices, and government organizations, though almost any building will benefit from custom designed signage. Brand identification and wayfinding signage are necessary for a building to maintain a professional appearance and navigability. Every sign should work together under a unified design language, material, typography, and representation of brand.

Architectural signage is the art of combining the aforementioned elements into an aesthetically pleasing blend, which overall represents the business and complements the environmental décor of the building.

While it sounds intricate, the process can be summarized down to bringing the messaging within a structure to life. 

Architectural signs are basically exterior or interior wayfinding signage, but not limited to directional signs.

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