Monument Signs

About Our Monument Signs

The term monument can be summarized as a structure, statue, or building to commemorate a famous person or event, or a site of historical importance. Your reasons to erect a monument sign will vary, but the commonality is that this structure is meant to make a statement, and to last a very long time.

A monument sign is typically a freestanding sign, but can include such landscape architectural elements, such as a pergola. Quite often, these signs contain elements of masonry, or concrete work. Metal is the most common material of a monument sign, and more recently, illumination of the monument sign goes beyond flood lights, and can be an integral part of the sign itself, lighting a large box graphic, or a host to illuminated channel letters.

Let Behrends team of Designers and talented team of craftspeople, help you construct a unique and memorable monument sign, meant to stand the test of time.

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