Metal Casting

About Our metal casting Signs

Over time, the signage industry, like many other manufacturing businesses, has become so mechanized and stream-lined that sometimes the human touch is lost in your signage. Cookie cutter signs are a dime-a-dozen and they often reflect the low quality level of craftsmanship and materials that are available on the market today. Investing in companies like Behrends that emphasize custom professional craftsmanship and materials means that these qualities will be transferred to your products and, by extension, your brand. Ultimately, the appearance of your signage outside and inside your business walls, leaves a lasting impression on your clients and partners in a way that virtually no other marketing component can.

In 1952, John Behrends recognized the versatility and ageless appeal of metal signage, and decided to build a business. Over half a century later, though our product lines continue to expand, metal casting remains our mainstay. Sand casting is a process that is thousands of years old, reaching back to before the first century. At Behrends, we’re proud to continue this age-old tradition while helping our field to evolve by using cutting edge technology and the best available materials. Metal is timeless.

We specialize in the following types of Metal Casting Signs:

  • Custom Metal Signs
  • Cast Parts
  • Metal Accents
  • Cast Door Pulls
  • Cast Bronze Sculptures
  • Custom Skate Deterrents
  • Cast Wall Art
  • Cast Concrete Stamps

Recent Metal Cast Signs

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