Custom Dining Partitions

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Dining Partitions

Navigating through Pandemic Recovery to A New World.

Solutions to Rethinking the Restaurant for Now, Near and in the Future.

The Government of Alberta recently announced a phased-in approach to Alberta’s economic relaunch. In these unprecedented times, we have seen Albertans come together to help each other. That community-minded spirit extends to people who are keen to support local businesses such as yours. While offering this support, Albertans also want to feel safe.

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Social Distancing In Dining Room Environments

The events of this pandemic have raised an acute awareness of not only personal hygiene and cleanliness standards but those of merchants as well. Client perception of safety, cleanliness and overall quality will determine their choice of dining establishment during this time of recovery and into the future. People will be asking: Which business has transitioned? Which business has safety protocols in place that show they care, not only for their patrons but also about their staff and themselves. Behrends understands this time of planning for right now, the near term and the future is challenging. We recognize your need for agile strategies in all aspects of your business ñ the physical environment that must follow new safety protocols.

Behrends can help you be prepared to adapt at a moment’s notice, and be ready for what lies ahead. We want to help. Let’s talk about what we can do to get you to through recovery and post-pandemic.

rethinking now – reimagining near – reinventing future

  • minimum distance
  • reduce density
  • add a division
  • change floorplan
  • clean frequently and visibly
  • provide visual clues
  • smaller groups