Chappelle Playground Plaques

Behrends Group Cast Plaques, Custom Plaque Stands, Parks and Recreation Signs

Behrends worked with SG Landscaping on the Chappelle playground project to design and manufacture the recognition and bench plaques. To accommodate the high traffic area and ensure the security of the plaques, the large bronze playground recognition plaque is grouted to the rock and the bench plaques have security hardware. Bronze plaques are a great choice for outdoor recognition. Its … Read More

Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area

Behrends Group Custom Plaque Stands, Digital Printing, Entrance Signs, Parks and Recreation Signs, Wayfinding

Bunchberry Meadows consisted of 8 interpretive signs, 19 wayfinding signs, and one entrance feature. Working along side Stantec, Behrends was tasked with producing the wayfinding package. If you are in Spruce Grove and walking through the Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area you will notice the many signs that will help guide you through the meadows and the interpretive signs with informative … Read More

Larch Park

Behrends Group Custom Plaque Stands, Parks and Recreation Signs

Phenolic interpretive panels

One of our frequent partners, IBI Group, recently came to us looking for some interpretive signage. They wanted a way to educate and inform the residents of one of their new communities, Larch Park about their natural neighbours. Specifically focused on local birds, the series of panels describes the seasonal avian wildlife that appears in around the Larch Park community and … Read More