Chappelle Playground Plaques

Behrends Group Cast Plaques, Custom Plaque Stands, Parks and Recreation Signs

Behrends worked with SG Landscaping on the Chappelle playground project to design and manufacture the recognition and bench plaques. To accommodate the high traffic area and ensure the security of the plaques, the large bronze playground recognition plaque is grouted to the rock and the bench plaques have security hardware. Bronze plaques are a great choice for outdoor recognition. Its … Read More

Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

Behrends Group Custom Signage, Parks and Recreation Signs

Working directly with McElhanney (Calgary) and Wilco Contractors Southwest, Behrends supplied 3D artwork/renderings for the Bronze Compass, Entrance Feature, and Paw Prints. Detailed in these 3D renderings were the finishes and proposed mounting methods. Behrends was also contracted to manufacture and install these elements. As many of these elements such as the 26’ Bronze Compass posed some great challenges for … Read More

Pillar of Strength Monument – Doves for Fallen Officers

Behrends Group Cast Plaques, Monument Signs, Parks and Recreation Signs

The Pillar of Strength is a permanent monument at the grounds of the Alberta legislature. It recognizes the ultimate sacrifices made by fallen officers. The names listed on the pillar are sworn Alberta peace officers who were killed in the line of duty since 1876. Designed by world renowned designer Wei Yew.  Behrends cast the bronze bowl that holds the … Read More

West Haven Archway

Behrends Group Custom Signage

This archway is more of an artistic finish to the West Haven Park in Leduc, Alberta. Installed and designed to look as if it is free standing with zero supporting structure, this piece stands over the walk way at 12’

Keswick Landing – Entrance Feature

Behrends Group Entrance Signs, Illuminated Letters

Recently completed in July 2019 – Behrends manufactured and installed this unique entry feature. It is a cut through Corten steel panel with backlighting features. The ambiance this feature portrays at nighttime is unforgettable and is worthy of a drive to Keswick to witness the sign itself and to experience the beautiful neighbor hood of Keswick. Keswick is a neighbor … Read More

One at Keswick – Entrance Feature

Behrends Group Custom Signage, Entrance Signs

This entry feature was completed in 2016, back then working with Corten Steel as a finishing piece to an entry feature was just starting to become popular. Corten is any type of weathering steel which creates a rust like appearance over time. Jump to 2020 and Behrends has completed many different features that implement the use of Corten steel. When … Read More

Aspen Custom Trailers

Behrends Group Business Signs, Illuminated Letters, Light Box Signs

This is our largest lit sign to date – spanning at 30’ W x 10’ H. Nearly seamless we had our design team create full 3d renderings and assembly animations showing how we propose to fabricate the sign to limit the visibility of any large seams. The final results speak for themselves.

Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area

Behrends Group Custom Plaque Stands, Digital Printing, Entrance Signs, Parks and Recreation Signs, Wayfinding

Bunchberry Meadows consisted of 8 interpretive signs, 19 wayfinding signs, and one entrance feature. Working along side Stantec, Behrends was tasked with producing the wayfinding package. If you are in Spruce Grove and walking through the Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area you will notice the many signs that will help guide you through the meadows and the interpretive signs with informative … Read More

Pinecreek Entrance Feature

Behrends Group Entrance Signs, Metal Welcome Signs

Behrends produced the entrance feature signage portion at Pine Creek The signage  is made up of three sheets of Corten Steel with cut out text reading PINE CREEK. The largest panel sits at 4000mm W x 1000mm H. Part of the signage construction included us attaching two panels together seamlessly together without welding. Our in house design team created a … Read More

Edmonton City Centre Sign

Behrends Group Business Signs, Metal Welcome Signs

Another renown project completed by Behrends in the City of Edmonton. The Edmonton City Centre Signs were installed back around 2003 and to this day they still look brand new. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and this project is a great example of that.