Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area

Behrends Group Custom Plaque Stands, Digital Printing, Entrance Signs, Parks and Recreation Signs, Wayfinding

Bunchberry Meadows consisted of 8 interpretive signs, 19 wayfinding signs, and one entrance feature. Working along side Stantec, Behrends was tasked with producing the wayfinding package. If you are in Spruce Grove and walking through the Bunchberry Meadows Conservation Area you will notice the many signs that will help guide you through the meadows and the interpretive signs with informative … Read More

Hawrelak Park Community League Plaza Signage

Behrends Group Digital Printing, Parks and Recreation Signs

The Community League Plaza is now open in Hawrelak park! Have you had a chance to visit it yet? Behrends had the privilege of working on all the signage on this project. It’s had come together so beautifully.       Concrete Sandblasting   Aluminum Edmonton Map   Pilar Plaques   Edmonton Timeline   Digital Printing

Behrends Van Wrap

Behrends Group Digital Printing

Behrends has been able to stretch out our capabilities in many areas to be able to serve in every industry. We’ve been able to keep ourselves versatile and adaptable. Behrends can now complete full vehicle wraps in house, right through digitally print of the vinyl to install.  

Vinyl Covid-19 Solutions

Behrends Group Digital Printing, Wayfinding

Working closely with Lori Cox Interior Design Inc. and her Client GWL – Behrends produced and installed over 1200 Covid-19 signs. It was great working directly with Lori Cox and her client as both took this project very serious. The goal was to develop a way that tenants could easily navigate their way through the four towers safely when they … Read More

Cenovus Foster Creek Main Entry Feature

Behrends Group Business Park Signs, Digital Printing, Entrance Signs

Behrends has been working with landscape architects since the 70’s and it’s an honour to assist them in creating masterpieces. Behrends was commissioned by EIDOS Consultants to fabricate the experiential graphics for Foster Creek’s Welcome wall. We also had the pleasure of making the aluminum-accent panels and flag poles as well as the large graphic panels and aluminum-accent grass pieces … Read More

Churchill Square

Behrends Group Digital Printing, Parks and Recreation Signs, Plaques and Awards

Custom Glass Work

Churchill Square is a major meeting place in central downtown Edmonton. An epicentre of activity in Edmonton since the early 1900’s, the Square and surrounding area have a lot of history. The City of Edmonton decided to commemorate this, and contacted Behrends about creating something functional, attractive, and long-lasting. They wanted to use glass as a substrate, and hired us … Read More