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Life is full of noteworthy achievements, whether it is on the field, in the classroom, the office or elsewhere. No matter the occasion or the milestone, one of the best and most memorable ways to commemorate a significant achievement is with a beautifully constructed custom plaques & awards made by Behrends Group. With our help, you can create the perfect token to commemorate and celebrate the contributions and achievements of noteworthy groups or individuals, no matter what message you wish to convey. From large scale plaques that include details and information about a person or event, to smaller plaques marking individual achievements and milestones, we can help you create the ideal commdemorative piece that perfectly suits your needs. With Berhends, you can draw on over 60 years of creative expertise to produce the ideal custom award plaque that perfectly conveys your message in a lasting and meaningful way.

Recognition awards are one of our specialties – we understand the value in saluting an outstanding employee or team. At Behrends, we combine creativity and 60 years of manufacturing expertise, collaborating with you to create employee recognition awards that celebrate the efforts of your most exceptional people in a meaningful, memorable way. Recognizing those employees who go over and above your expectations motivates others to follow suit, and promotes a positive attitude around your organization.

Behrends has built its legacy on a strong foundation of quality foundry work. Some of our more visible handiwork can be seen in the form of custom and cast bronze plaques. These plaques are a mainstay of what we do and adorn city monuments, historical memorials, housefronts in the form of address plaques, community cemeteries and much more.

We specialize in the following types of Plaques & Award Signs:

  • Dedication Signage
  • Donor Walls
  • Historical Signage
  • Infrastructure Signage
  • Cast Plaques
  • Recognition Awards
  • Long Service Awards
  • Time Capsule Covers
  • Walk of Fame Plaques
  • Trail Markers
  • Illustrative Artwork Plaques
  • Custom Plaque Stands

historial signage

Commemorative plaques mark the location of significant events or illuminate the underlying meaning of sites and buildings, while memorials keep the memory of notable figures and community members alive in the places and communities which they helped shape. Keeping social memory alive contributes to community cohesion and pride, and the use of memorials and historical signage to maintain social memory can operate at different scales.

infrastructure Signage

Infrastructural signage helps contribute to the story behind cities and municipalities where structures such as bridges or important buildings are adorned with signage that is unified in both an authoritative voice and a cohesive style. Such signs even shape our memories, particularly how we interact with our landscapes but also how we interpret history and deal with authority. Historical memory is increasingly at the forefront of government and public consciousness as we come to better understand how monuments, signage and memorials shape the way we cultivate memories.

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