We’ve been privileged to work with Century Hospitality Group on several projects, each one bringing something new and interesting to the table.

MKT is one of our recent favourites. It all started when Chris LaChance of Century Hospitality came to our team with an idea for a keg wall.

We’re always up for a challenge.

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation

Project overview

A quote from Century Hospitality Group: “Dining out isn’t just about the meal- it’s about the overall experience.”

MKT is basically beer heaven: they have 120 different brands of beer available, 60 different bottled beers and 60 different beers on tap.

Every beer they offer is on display on the signature keg wall, which is updated whenever they add a new offering.

Project details

As designers and project managers, we coordinated many efforts to complete the overall look of this wall, making sure everything met the vision.

We worked with the electrician and interior contractor for the lighting, and the metal structure that holds the kegs.

We also managed suppliers for the fabrication work on the kegs, and the digitally printed images on each keg’s lit face.

Each keg was polished in house.

Project results

We’re proud to have assisted in building an exclusive piece that adds to that experience.

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