Parks Canada

Parks Canada represents the federal governmental agencies that protect natural areas of significance for Canadians.

These can include areas of historical significance, as well as places requiring environmental protection.

The national parks of Canada are unimpaired, protected natural landscapes that are protected for public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment.

Parks Canada is responsible for both protecting the ecosystems of these magnificent natural areas and managing them for visitors to understand, appreciate, and enjoy in a way that does not compromise their integrity.

This system has existed in Canada for over a century and Behrends Group is proud to be an important part of that environmental-social legacy.

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Project overview

In April 2015, Behrends was awarded a special tender with Parks Canada to do work for the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

Called the ‘Standing Offer and Call-Up Authority”, the tender is an open-ended request to fill their bronze plaque needs according to their specifications on an on-going basis.

Part of this was due to our successful past with the Government and their satisfaction with our high caliber of work.

Additionally, our bid represented the most innovative portfolio available, with the latest technological improvement, hands-on craftsmanship and green industrial practices that are unparalleled.

Finally, many people in the Behrends team had a hand in showing off our expertise and quality craftsmanship to the point of winning Parks Canada’s approval, including members of the Toronto-area office, the Behrends Group President Gen, the marketing team’s preparation of the tender documents, the lead estimator Chris, and our senior designer Brent.

Project details

The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada is responsible for producing a bronze plaque for each and every site, person and event designated as being of National Historic Significance by the Minister of the Environment—the Ministry responsible for overseeing Parks Canada.

These plaques can be bilingual or trilingual, and are usually presented in standard design/dimensions.

At times, Behrends may be asked to manufacture a “non-standard” plaque which is different from their standard template, either in dimension, design or other specifications.

We are happy to cater to this unique client and their particular needs to honour important historical parts of Canada’s collective past.

Project results

If you are familiar with the quality and look of Behrends’ foundry work and you are visiting a national park, you will quickly recognize our handiwork everywhere you go.

From custom memorial signs & outdoor entrance signs and everything in-between, Behrends Group has often been the trusted name for this wonderful federal agency.

As mentioned, Behrends has done previous work for the Government on a number of different projects.

However, due to the securing of this tender, we are now able to exclaim our pride at being responsible for the manufacturing of park Canada’s bronze plaques & signs.

They are truly an honourable client with a high level of understanding and requirements for their projects—recognizing the central important that these monuments and plaques have in shaping historical memory.

We couldn’t be happier than to cater to this noble cause and lend our talents to it as well.

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