RCMP Crests

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built dozens of hand-finished crests for RCMP stations across Canada.

  • Manufacturing
  • Fabrication

Project overview

Properly manufacturing these crests takes a team with a lot of experience in the foundry and the finishing room—consistent quality is key, so attention to details and a steady hand are invaluable assets.

Although different RCMP stations choose to have their crest cast in aluminum and others in bronze to match décor, taste, or budget, the integrity of the image remains of utmost importance.

Project details

There have been many changes in technology since we first started manufacturing these crests.

Over 30 years ago, we were given a hand-carved wooden reference—our task then was to enlarge it and replicate it to exacting details, cast in bronze or aluminum.

This is an extremely time consuming task, and requires the work of a master sculptor. These days, we’ve digitized our process: the sculpting is done on the computer, still based on the hand-sculpted reference, but we’re now able to scale the crest to almost any size without losing quality.

This results in less expensive and even more consistent results for our clients.

Project results

These handsome cast bronze or aluminum hand-finished RCMP crests have become a part of the RCMP’s legacy—they adorn the walls of RCMP stations in locations all over Canada.

Whether contracted through brokers, or directly by the RCMP stations themselves, we’re proud to contribute in a small way to an integral segment of Canadian culture and history.

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