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The District

The District is a project that represents Behrends full capabilities by providing full custom faux neon roof top signage, to streetside monument signage, to interior wayfinding and exterior wayfinding.

Behrends is one of few signage companies in Alberta that can manufacture in-house both exterior and interior signage.

  • Custom fabrication
  • Art

Project overview

Once Behrends was awarded this project, they worked directly with Kassian Architecture to develop the signage program.

Kassian had already developed the designs, Behrends assisted with sourcing the best materials for the application which would also capture the design intent.

Project details

The statement piece of this entire project is the Roof Top Faux Neon Signage. This was completed, manufactured and installed by Behrends.

Behrends also project managed the entirety of this project including the engineering, pin-pointing mounting locations, and installing not only the roof-top signage but all the signage elements that you will see at The District.

Apart from this project, Behrends also manufactured and installed the building signs for Google, Amanda Hamilton, Alberta Central, and Celero.

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