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Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

Working directly with McElhanney (Calgary) and Wilco Contractors Southwest, Behrends supplied 3D artwork/renderings for the Bronze Compass, Entrance Feature, and Paw Prints.

  • 3D renderings
  • Finishes
  • Proposed mounting methods
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation

Project overview

Detailed in these 3D renderings were the finishes and proposed mounting methods. Behrends was also contracted to manufacture and install these elements.

As many of these elements such as the 26’ Bronze Compass posed some great challenges for leveling and mounting properly and setting them up properly for Wilco to complete their pour, Behrends created custom mounting hardware that allowed us to level the Bronze compass which weighed an approximate 400lbs effortlessly.

Project details

Included in this project is a beautiful entrance feature that has a painted black aluminum cut out that mimics a silhouette what the mountains and Prince of Wales Hotel would create.

You can also find cast bronze animal names and cast bronze paw prints that are used as an educational tool to help all who visit.

Along with the cast bronze compass, there is also 4 cast bronze Waterton Glacier International Peace Plaques that are 35” in Diameter.

Project results

This project is one of many that we have worked with McElhanney (Calgary) and Wilco Contractors Southwest on and it is definitely one of our favorites.

On your next visit to Waterton National Park be sure to check out the Glacier National Peace Park as it will surely take your breath away.

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