Custom House Numbers: Set Your House Apart

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You’ve spent a long time designing the interior and landscaping of your brand-new home and you’re about ready to settle in and enjoy the fruits of your labour. There’s only one problem: you’ve left the identification of your house up to a generic set of numbers that you bought at the local hardware store. Your address is one of the most crucial indicators for visitors, service people, postal workers and many others in identifying where you live, so why leave the look of your address numbers up to chance? Putting the finishing touches on your home means getting the details right and part of that is going with custom-designed house numbers to set your beautiful home apart.

Even if you’ve owned your own home for awhile, custom house numbers can be a quick and efficient way to add a little flair to the appearance of your home without the high cost of outdoor renovations or touch-ups. It’s amazing how quickly the curb appeal of a home increases with the simple addition of unique address plaques or number designs.

The fine metals that are available at Behrends – whether it be brass, bronze, or aluminum- are the best choices for long-lasting and enduring plaques that are both elegant and timeless.  If you have a vision for the exterior of your home and you would like to bring it into existence, Behrends can help make your dream a reality. Your home will stand out on the block, in the best way, setting neighborhood precedent for style and innovation that will greet every guest with a modern, personal touch.

The following mediums make a statement about you:

Aluminum: A versatile metal with a variety of finished looks from painted or textured to vertical brushed, aluminum offers an economical alternative to more expensive metals without sacrificing style and design.

Brass: Reminiscent of the military, brass house plaques and numbers have a commanding presence that gives your home a sense of prestige and presence that other metals cannot offer. With the options of an antique aged look or a brilliant shiny finish, brass also offers versatility depending on what image you want to put forth.

Bronze: There is a reason there is an entire historical age devoted to bronze – it is long-lasting and offers a sense of stability and permanence to any structure. Especially popular with corporate clients and professionals, bronze can lend itself well to any office building or the sophisticated home. The variety available in bronze is very large and diverse depending on your preference for the typeface (font) or how you want to finish your lettering.


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